What They're Saying

NYTimes - Front Burner

Nakiri LS150

“...Several years ago I added a nakiri, the Japanese rectangular-bade knife designed for cutting vegetable (to my kitchen knife wardrobe)....This nearly 6-inch-long nakiri, handmade at Andersson Copra Studio in Sweden, combines heft and tactile beauty, with a sleek blade, a comfortable octagonal handle and a handsome brass bolster.”

Town & Country Magazine

Honesuki LS150DM

"This beautiful Japanese-style utility knife has a hand-forged blade and damascus cladding making it the perfect marriage of form and function."

Departures Magazine

Classic Chef LS235

“An especially beautiful take on the classic, full-size all-purpose chef’s knife.”


Loop Bread Knife

“For the person who spends all their leisure hours perfecting loaves, there’s perhaps no better gift”

Domino Mag

Loop Bread Knife

NY Mag's The Cut

Leather Oven Mitts

Galerie Magazine

Leather & Oak Knife Magnet

People in the Know

Todd White

Owner of Dry Farm Wines & A Matter of Taste

“I absolutely love these knives, and have been using them for a while now. The weight is perfect, the cut is magnificent, and the design looks| beautiful.”

Carole Poirot


“Whilst I’m not a chef, I’ve done enough cooking in my life to know when a knife handles well and this one is perfection. The size of the blade and handle, the balance, the weight, it just works beautifully in my hand and makes even cutting and peeling quinces a (nearly) pleasurable job.”

Christine Muhlke

Bureau X food consultancy

“I used to make fun of people (men) who bought $750 chef’s knives. Then I borrowed this handmade Swedish knife while working on a project for Living Steel. It’s like going from driving a Corolla to a Carrera: Fast, gorgeous, fiendishly high-performing. It’s a little scary, TBH. Sign me up for the Big Knife Club!”

Stella Bugbee

Editor @ NY Magazine

Leather Oven Mitts = a very good fit.”

Jessica Fiorillo

Food Photographer & Writer

“I’ve been working with the Blenheim Forge Gyuto and the Andersson Copra Parer for about a year now and they’ve become my go-to kitchen knives. Not only do they look stunning but they also have a heft that reflects their craftsmanship and quality. Would love to add more of these knives to the collection!”

Nick Solares

Food Writer

“Stunning new Honesuki LS150


Ethan Giffin

Honesuki LS150 - Home Cook

“Love it. I got an Otto grill in July so my wife and I have been hosting a couple almost every Saturday for ribeyes and vegetables from my garden out on our desk. I slice them up and serve them family style. This knife was perfect to cut around the bone and slice the meat. Also used it for prep work as well. Everything about it is wonderful…”

Jim Henkens

Photographer & Home Cook - Classic Chef LS235

“Living Steel got it just right with this knife.”

Kelie Grosso

Interior Designer & Home Cook - Nakiri LS150

“We are obsessed with @livingsteel626 knives. Happy birthday to me!”

Radwa W.

Home Cook - Honesuki LS150

“Love your product.”

Roberto Cortez

Professional Chef - Leather Knife Roll

“I am one who appreciates design, function and esthetic when done properly. My Living Steel Knife Roll has all three of these qualities. The interior is thick and carefully designed so as to nurture and protect my knives. The. knife pockets are carefully placed to functionally hug any size knife. The quality of leather and it’s beautiful masterful look make it a piece that I am proud to carry with me.”

Carson Alexander

Classic Chef LS235 - Home Cook

“It’s our workhorse and we love the knife.”