Honesuki LS150 breaking / butcher knife by Blenheim Forge. Honesuki LS150 breaking / butcher knife by Blenheim Forge.


150mm / 5.9" Blade Length. 41mm / 1.6" Blade Height. 280mm / 11" Overall Length. 4.6 oz / 132 g Total Weight.


Blade of custom made san mai steel with Aogami Super core, layer of nickel and mild steel cladding. Handle of fumed oak with solid brass bolster.


Made in London, England.

Honesuki LS150


Strength and beauty converge. Handcrafted in London, strong and sharp, the triangular profile and fine, pointed tip make our traditional Japanese-style boning knife and daily kitchen utility blade |ideal for parting poultry and other proteins. The house-made san mai is forge welded with a layer of nickel to bond the cladding and core carbon steels. Brass is fitted to fumed oak to form a hand-filling, gently tapered octagonal handle. Made one at a time, each blade bears a unique finish.



Unexpectedly versatile in size and profile, our honesuki is the chef’s and butcher’s preferred knife for breaking and parting proteins. British artisans Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner of Blenheim Forge specialize in purpose built, Eastern style forged kitchen knives that are shaped by hand on traditional stone wheels . Availability is limited.

Honesuki LS150 breaking knife close-up.
Honesuki LS150 and Gyuto LS185 chef knives by Living Steel 626.
Honesuki LS150 breaking knife close-up.