Do you do custom orders?
No, but you can find more one-of-a-kind knives at Eatingtools.com.
What’s the difference between stainless and carbon steel?
Steel is made from carbon and iron — 6 and 26 respectively on the periodic table. (Hence our name, Living Steel 626.) While stainless steel alloys include added elements like chromium, which increases corrosion resistance, carbon steels are “cleaner” in that they include lower amounts of fewer additives. Carbon steels, which do not exhibit the same resistance to corrosion as stainless steels, are prized by chefs because the clean nature of the steel and its resulting grain structure can result in thinner, sharper, harder, longer-lasting edges that are easier to maintain and sharpen. For these reasons, the majority of Living Steel 626 chef’s knives are offered in carbon steel.
How do I care for my carbon steel knife?
Proper care extends the life of a blade and helps maintain cutting precision and efficiency. First, use and enjoy your carbon steel knife frequently. With regular use, a natural, beautifully protective patina will form on the steel’s surface. When not in use, take care to keep the blade dry. Do not let liquids, especially water, remain on the blade for any longer than necessary. Avoid abrasive scrubbers. When storing the knife for extended periods, we recommend oiling the blade with a food-safe mineral oil, such as our Tsubaki Blade Oil.
What is the best kitchen knife ever made?
A better question is, “What is the best kitchen knife for me?” The answer is: The knife that you enjoy using the most and gets the job done efficiently every time. A chef’s knife is a personal object, often regarded by chefs as an extension of the hand itself, and the relationship that he or she has with it is too intimate for any one knife to be empirically better than another. Try until you find what fits your hand and style best.
Where are Living Steel objects made?
Our chef’s knives and accessories are made in small, specialty workshops across multiple countries, often right where our designers live and work. From London to Sweden, to the US Northeast and beyond, each object is crafted exclusively for Living Steel.
How many do you make of each item?
It varies by object. Some, like the Loop Bread Knife, was crafted in a batch of 40 pieces, and will not be made again. Just six of the Classic Chef LS235DM were made. The Gyuto LS185 is created in batches of 30 knives, and will be re-stocked once the first run is sold. If you have questions about availabilty, please contact us.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Living Steel knives and accessories are designed for life and are made with the highest quality materials and the utmost care. We hope you are delighted by your purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 15 days after placing your order, return it to us in new condition and we will happily process a refund.
Where do I direct press requests?
Contact us with press inquiries anytime by writing to pr@livingsteel626.com.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, simply enter your full shipping address at checkout after adding objects to your shopping cart, and you will be able to select from multiple international USPS and UPS delivery options. Click here for additional information about international and domestic shipping.