Limited-Edition Modern Chef LS180DM Main
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180mm / 7.1" Blade Length. 56mm / 2.16" Blade Height. 405mm / 15.9" Overall Length. 4.9 oz / 140 g Total Weight.


Blade of damascus-clad ApexUltra carbon steel hardened to 66 HRC at the edge. Damascus cladding forged from 01 & 75Ni8 over a layer of pure nickel. Handle of bog oak with solid brass ferrule.


Made in Kassel, Germany.

  • Slice, dice, and mince ingredients with the hard, razor-sharp edge
  • Prepare meals on smaller cutting boards and in tight spaces with a balanced, mid-size blade
  • Turns heads with the stunning, damascus-clad, special-edition blade

Modern Chef LS180DM


The special-edition Modern Chef LS180DM by Oliver Märtens is forged from a striking blade formula of damascus-clad ApexUltra steel with layer of pure nickel that reduces carbon diffusion away from the hard, razor-sharp, high-carbon edge. Tall, versatile, and balanced for all manner of daily meal preparation, Oliver crafts each knife by hand at his studio in Kassel, Germany.

Thin at the edge with a pointed tip for precise slices and detail work, the blade’s convex bevels are darkened with a forced-patina, and a forged texture gives each knife a unique finish. Ancient bog oak and brass complete a comfortable and attractive handle.


Oliver Märtens


Created in collaboration with sought-after German knifemaker Oliver Märtens, this special edition knife is designed to perform in the kitchen daily and to do it in style. Modeled after Oliver's proven approach to culinary form and function, this exclusive build features a tall, triangular blade in damascus-clad, high-performance ApexUltra carbon steel with needle-like tip and hand-sharpened edge to chop, slice, and dice without compromise. Every detail is accounted for, from contoured edges atop and behind the blade, to the heirloom fit of the faceted, brushed, solid brass ferule, and etched finish of the stunning blade. 

"Where utility converges with art,
inspiration is not far behind."

   Abe Shaw   

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