Gyuto LS185 chef knife collaboration with Blenheim Forge. Gyuto LS185 chef knife collaboration with Blenheim Forge.


185mm / 7.3" Blade Length. 45mm / 1.8" Blade Height. 310mm / 12.2" Overall Length. 5.5 oz / 158 g Total Weight.


Blade of custom made san mai steel with Aogami Super core, layer of nickel and mild steel cladding. Handle of fumed oak with solid brass bolster.


Made in London, England.

Gyuto LS185


Captivate with boundless versatility. To chop, dice, and slice with maximum precision and minimal effort, feel the| power of house-made san mai steel in our Gyuto LS185 collaboration with London-based Blenheim Forge. The workhorse of every kitchen, this handcrafted Eastern-style chef knife is fitted with an octagonal handle in fumed oak with brass bolster. Made one at a time, each blade bears a unique finish.



Translated literally, gyuto means “beef knife,” the word to describe a chef’s knife in Japanese. Made using traditional techniques and tools, British artisans Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner of Blenheim Forge shape each blade by hand, first with hammer and anvil, and then on water-cooled stone wheels, and fit each handle and bolster one by one. Made in-house, the steel is forged exclusively for LS626 knives to create a finished product with a hard, sharp and thin edge for longevity and cutting pleasure. Working from their shop in Peckham, South London, situated beneath a railway arch in an area now popular with artists and craftspeople, the Blenheim Forge team specializes in custom, house-made san mai steels and culinary tools modeled after Japanese blade shapes and production methods.

Gyuto LS185 chef knife close-up photo of blade.
Blenheim Forge Gyuto LS185 chef knife and honesuki on Magnetic Knife Block.
Gyuto LS185 chef knife close-up photo of blade.