A leading global curator of handmade kitchen knives

Living Steel 626 founder Abe Shaw, a leading global curator of artisanal and handmade kitchen knives.
Abe is the preeminent curator of chef knives and the founder of Eatingtools, an online collection of culinary objects. He now introduces you to Living Steel, a partnership with selected designers and makers to create custom, limited edition, handmade knives and kitchen accessories.

Having worked with many of the finest craftspeople in the world and spending time in the studio under their guidance, Abe has developed a deep understanding and respect for the variety of objects these makers craft. Abe understands the intimate connection these tools ultimately must have with the user, whether the home cook, or working professional chef.

As people bond "by breaking bread", the knife is the quintessential tool used to prepare food, sustenance, and nourishment, for friends, family, and guests. Thus, a chef's relationship with their knife is not unlike the relationship between she who prepares the food, and he who consumes it. It is a symbiotic relationship, one of respect and honor.

Living Steel is a beacon for everyone who thrives on these relationships. With our tools in hand, you are free to feed your passion and to nourish the senses.