A leading global curator of handmade kitchen knives

Living Steel 626 founder Abe Shaw, a leading global curator of artisanal and handmade kitchen knives.
Abe's fascination with handmade chef's knives and one-of-a-kind objects for the kitchen and table drove him to found Eatingtools. His passion for the highest quality soon made him a preeminent curator of craftspeople from around the world.

Working closely with these men and women and spending time in their studios, Abe developed not only close relationships, but also a profound respect and understanding for the objects that they craft. He understands the intimate connection that these tools ultimately have with the user, whether it's a home cook or a professional chef.

With Living Steel, Abe selects from the bladesmiths and culinary artisans he most admires to partner on designing and forging exclusive, limited-edition carbon steel knives and kitchen accessories - items forged to last for generations.

"People are using Living Steel objects to create sustenance and to break bread with guests," says Abe. "The relationship between the artisan and the practitioner, and the relationship between the chef and the people who eat his or her food, are all really intimate connections. It's a symbiotic relationship, one of respect and honor."

Living Steel was created for those who thrive on these connections.