Linny Kenney Leather Chef Knife Roll front. Linny Kenney Leather Chef Knife Roll back.


18" tall by 12" wide pocket space. One 3" pocket, two 2.5" pockets, two 2" pockets.


Side cut, vegetable tanned, hand-dyed cow hide.


Made in Littleton, New Hampshire.

Leather Knife Wrap


Hand cut, full-grain leather protection for fine chef knives. Carry up to five blades in our elegant knife wrap |collaboration with artisan Linny Kenney, hand-stitched in New Hampshire. With black suede leather interior and individually hand-dyed exterior, each wrap bears a unique finish and texture.  Availability is limited.



The knife speaks to the soul of a chef, becoming one with their hand, as if part of the body. Linny Kenney crafts a knife wrap that honors this intimate relationship between blade and practitioner, protecting and transporting cutlery with uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Linny hand stitches, and hand-dyes each wrap with non-toxic dye, to create a highly personal and beautiful kitchen accessory. Having honed her leatherwork and approach to object design while preparing for a 3,700 mile cross-country ride on horseback, Linny quickly realized along her eight and a half month journey that the level of work she was creating appealed to discerning clients far and wide, and Linney Kenney Leather was born. 

Black and white leather chef knife roll in hand.
Leather chef knife roll with Andersson Copra knives.
Black and white leather chef knife roll in hand.