115mm / 4.5" Blade Length. 23mm / 0.9" Blade Height. 242mm / 9.5" Overall Length. 3.0 oz / 86 g Total Weight.


Blade of Damasteel stainless pattern damascus. Handle of polished black Bakelite with polished solid brass bolster and brass pin.


Made in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Parer LS115DM


Style and function converge in a limited edition paring knife designed and handcrafted in collaboration with artisans Andersson Copra of Sweden. For precision cuts, detail carving, and| handheld work above the board, a Damasteel stainless damascus edge sharpened on whetstone, and slim, tapered tip are superb. The polished, rounded spine and choil offer both comfort and visual contrast, complementing the faceted and gently tapered octagonal handle with solid brass bolster.



Designed as a long, versatile paring knife with ample stainless damascus blade for demanding work and finely tuned geometry for the discerning chef, the Parer LS115DM is your instrument of choice. Impeccable in form and function, LS626 X Andersson Copra collaborations exhibit superb attention to detail in purpose-built designs crafted by hand.